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We'd love to hear from you! Let us know how God has touched you or how your life had been enriched by coming to Lake Placid. Please feel free to add your own testimony below for our staff and other visitors to read & enjoy.

I grew up at Lake Placid. It was the highlight of my summer since I can remember. I remember the old tin tabernacle & the excitement of the new worship center. I received the Holy Ghost in the old tabernacle. It's like home to me. Our last year of camp was 2003. I hated not being able to go every summer, but the group we were a part of disbanded. In 2011 we joined up with another group & returned to lake placid for camp. It was like going home!! It smelled the same, felt the same. I was home. We are blessed to get to go every year now & I am blessed to give my kids the same, wonderful experience that I had. We love Lake Placid!!~The Rowe's 

The presence of God can be felt all over the Lake Placid. There is such an accommodating and helpful staff that you cannot help but believe that ministry is the mission of Lake Placid. His Word declares that we cannot look at creation and deny that their is a God of Heaven. Lake Placid is a place to experience both of these! – Michael Holbrook

Lake Placid is an amazing place! It's not only beautiful but you can certainly feel the presence of the Lord on the grounds. Lake Placid is HOLY GROUND!! – Anonymous Visitor

Tell us your story!

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