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About Us

Lake Placid is a year-round camp & retreat center owned & operated by the Indiana District Assemblies of God. Located on 100 acres of beautiful, peaceful landscape with a private lake.

"The presence of God can be felt all over  Lake Placid. There is such an accommodating and helpful staff that you cannot help but believe that ministry is the mission of Lake Placid. His Word declares that we cannot look at creation and deny that their is a God of Heaven. Lake Placid is a place to experience both of these!"


-Michael Holbrook


Lake Placid offers many different accommodations to meet the needs of our guests, from tent camping to wonderful rooms with private baths, cozy meeting spaces for small groups to larger spaces for groups in the hundreds. Each of our buildings provides a lodge-like, peaceful atmosphere. We are able to accommodate up to 400 guests.

Retreat Planning

If you are searching for a beautiful, peaceful,

Christ-centered Retreat Center...look no further! Lake Placid is 100 acres of peaceful serenity, wonderful wildlife, a beautiful lake, and amazing facilities! We know Retreats come in all types and sizes; let us help you find what accommodations best fit your needs. If you are interested in reserving a space, contact us soon! Spaces fill up fast! 


There is so much to do at Lake Placid and so little time! Retreats and camps go by so fast, but we hope you get a chance to enjoy as many things as possible! From basketball to soccer, swimming to boating, cornhole to disc golf, there is something for everyone!

Food Servies

Our kitchen staff is ready to serve you! Our Dining Hall has 4 dining rooms & 2 serving lines. We are able to accommodate more than one group at a time, if necessary. Our staff can accommodate your group's needs, whether it is three meals a day, provide a light lunch for a day event, or a buffet for a special event. 

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